2 Joints Mindset Ni Bugoy Na Koykoy

I read about 2 joints mindset by Bugoy Na Koykoy kung saan you try to better yourself financially by making smart financial decisions.

You hang-out with people who have dreams and goals in life.

Think about this.

You work from 9 to 5 then you come home eat dinner and relax a little bit. After mo magrelax ay oopen mo ang computer mo at magtrade for an hour or two. You go to bed and sleep then pag gising mo ay magtrade ka ng konti as you take you coffee bago ka magprepare for work.

Amazing diba?

Tapos sa weekend ay may few hours ka na pagtrade bago ka magrelax at mag enjoy ng weekend bonding with family.

You earn sa trabaho mo at may extrang kita ka sa mga trades mo.

Possible ba ito?

Well yes it is.

Watch this video and be inspired. They too have day jobs and they too trade as well.

Mahalaga na at least man lang ay masubukan mo aralin paano magtrade.

You deserve to at least give yourself a chance.

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