20 Percent Gain Kay $PLUS:CUP And Handle Pattern Ba or Marubozo?

Imade a blog explaining and teaching what a cup and handle pattern is and how it looks like kapag inapply sa trading. If namiss mo yun ay basahin mo ito.

$MRC: Cup And Handle Pattern 

Mukhang may cup and handle din ang chart ni PLUS.

If we apply Baby 2.0 Strategy however ay may 20 percent plus na profit na while waiting for an exit.

Nakaupo na with 20 percent plus gain ang mga Baby users kay Plus.

Take a look at this.

I made 2.7 Million pesos this week trading global market. May 100,000 plus na nalock in at pawithdraw while may 2.6M pa na walang sell signal na mga positions.

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