Ego Mo Ang Pumipigil Sayo Para Mag Improve!

There are several common reasons why people struggle to ask for help. Some people may fear that asking for help would make them appear incompetent, weak, or inferior – recent research from Stanford doctoral student Kayla Good finds that children as young as seven can hold this belief.

Generally ay may dalawang uri ng traders sa mundo pagdating sa progress. Yung isa na akala niya alam na niya lahat at kayang-kaya niya magtrade without seeking help at yung isa naman na continous ang pag-aaral at growth.

Believe or not but I myself continue to study despite the fact na I have more than 15 years of trading experience.

I continue to study. I read books, I watch videos especially trading psychology related and I study chart a lot.

I then infuse all those learnings with my experience and ideas to come up with different courses that if availed ay mag iimprove ka.

One of those is Trade Management Bootcamp which has really made a lot of improvements pagdating sa mga traders.

Register through the links below:

Bootcamp 1:

Bootcamp 2.0:

This is a very very specialized course na almost lahat ng nagtake ay umayos ang trading results.

This is a MUST-HAVE na course sa isang trader na seryosong magtagumpay sa trading niya.

This is for stock, forex, at crypto traders.

This bootcamp is one of a kind. Talagang may positive na effect ito sa trading mo.

Hear from our participants!

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