Market Manipulation

Naniniwala ka ba na may market manipulation?

How do you think minamanipulate ang market?

Can a person with 1 Billion peso move the price sa gusto niya na level?

How about a firm na may 100 Billion pesos?

Enough na ba ang 100 billion dollars para imove ang forex or crypto market?

How is pump and dumb being carried out?

Have you seen anyone push closing prices lately?

We will go deep sa market manipulation on our upcoming Technical Analysis Summit.

You will learn things na hindi mo pa alam about what is going on sa market.

This is our first ever Technical Analysis Summit and we want to blow everyone’s mind with it.

We do not want to just be unique. We want to change how you view and how you use Technical Analysis as well.

Come join us.

Avail it here:

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