Pattern Recognition Skills

 ”Trading is simply a pattern recognition and a probabilities game”

“This particular pattern will emerge X number of times and when it does there is a high probability of this happening over that, therefore if I limit my risk when trading, and my profit potential is at least 1 or 2 or 3 times than what I am risking, then over a series of trades I will be a consistently profitable trader”

They read this or watch this from a popular guru then they ran with it like its an absolute truth.

They will then go and look for patterns.

Iimprove nila ng iimprove ang pattern recognition skills nila.

Once alam na nila at kabisado na ang lahat ng patterns ay doon na sila nagtataka bakit hit or miss pa din ang results ng trades nila.

Lets take bearish pennant for example.

Okay double bottom pattern na lang para mas madali.

Let’s take double bottom pattern.

Yung double bottom pattern ni ANI will not give the same result sa double bottom pattern ni SMPH.

Yung double bottom pattern ni ALI two years ago will not give the same result sa double bottom pattern result niya sa ngayon.

It may produce a lesser gain. It may produce a better gain. It may even produce a loss.

Yan ang problema sa patterns.

You might become good or even great at spotting them but yung outcome ng price after the pattern emerged ay nakadepende pa din kay market.

Kung hindi mo alam yan at basta mo na lang inaral ang patterns expecting a fixed outcome every time may makita kang similar pattern ay hit or miss lang talaga ang result ng trading career mo.

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