1 Million Pesos Loss:Cut Or Hold?

What if port mo yan?

Would you cut it or hold?


Simple Or Complicated?

Will you cut that 1 Million plus na losses or ihold mo na lang?

Ano ba ang proper na move sa ganyan?

A lot of traders are confronted with this type of dilemma.

Hindi man ganyan kalaki na amount but may malalaki na losses.

I know some traders na umuupo sa over 80 percent losses for several years na.

Ano ang tamang decision? Cut or hold?

I tackled this problem sa Maduming Merkado 2: How To Recover Trading Losses.

This problem is not as simple and not as easy as everyone outside looking in think.

There are more layers to this than simply deciding either to cut or not.

My upcoming book Maduming Merkado 2 offers great answer to these questions as well as gives a whole different perspective on a lot of trading propblems that most traders face.

You should avail a copy of that super-duper must-have book.

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