Fear Of Asking for Help as a Trader

There are several common reasons why people struggle to ask for help. SOME PEOPLE MAY FEAR THAT ASKING FOR HELP WOULD MAKE THEM APPEAR INCOMPETENT, WEAK, OR INFERIOR – recent research from Stanford doctoral student Kayla Good finds that children as young as seven can hold this belief.

Generally ay may dalawang uri ng traders sa mundo pagdating sa progress. Yung isa na akala niya alam na niya lahat at kayang-kaya niya magtrade without seeking help at yung isa naman na continous ang pag-aaral at growth.

Believe or not but I myself continue to study despite the fact na I have more than 15 years of trading experience.

I write books and my upcoming book is MADUMING MERKADO 2.0 which I hope nakaorder ka na.

If not, ay you can avail it here:

I continue to study. I read books, I watch videos especially trading psychology related and I study chart a lot.

I then infuse all those learnings with my experience and ideas to come up with different courses that if availed ay mag iimprove ka.

One of those is Trade Management Bootcamp which has really made a lot of improvements pagdating sa mga traders.

Real performance-based improvements.

This course is the first one of its kind sa Pilipinas.

It has really strong feedback from those that availed it:


The downside to creating books, courses and mentorships is that there would be a lot of traders and people who would think that you are making money off of newbies dahil “free” naman sa internet lahat.

The upside to creating books, courses and mentorship is you get to help those traders that are seeking help and you get to dynamically improve in presenting new ideas.

There will always those traders that will not support us. That is perfectly okay with us.

We pay close attention to the ones that do.

Our Paano Yumaman Sa Stock Market is one of the most helpful book sa Pilipinas at best-seller sa National Bookstore and it help introduce Philippine Stock Market sa mga tao na walang idea about stock market and stock trading.

Our ways of teaching has evolved a lot over the years.

Our trading strategies and approach has tremendously improved.

Yung growth at progress din ng mga traders that learn from us greatly improved because of it.


If trader ka na nais mong matuto at umayos ang trade mo then come learn with us.

Hindi guaranteed ang success sa trading dahil bawat trader ay may iba’t ibang personality as well as mental and emotional toughness.

We will continue to evolve and open doors para sa progress ng mga traders na nais matuto with us.


Buy books.

Avail courses.

Avail mentorship.

Do not stop learning.

Use every tool na available sa paligid mo para mag improve ka continuously.


Sa May 15 ay mag oopen ang TDSI Batch 3.

You can join our forex, crypto and US stock amrket trading mentorship mula May 15.

Seek improvement. Seek growth. Maraming tools. All you need is to go out there and avail them.

Give yourself a chance to try and be better.

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