Scalp, Day Trade Or Swing?

“Saan ka kikita ng mas malaki? Sa scalp ba? Sa day trade ba? Sa swing ba?”

Yung tanong na ito ay mali na from the start.

This question assumes na timeframe ang difference in earning big versus earning small.

Tipong kapag swing ka ay mas malaki kinikita mo kesa sa day trade or the other way around.

Scalping, Day Trading and Swing Trading differs in timeframe.

How you trade those timeframes will determine the size of your loss or gain.

Let me show you my swing trade in Forex.

9,000 dollars plus gain with over 1 Million port.

Let me show you my scalp trades in forex.

I already withdrew some of the profit from those scalp trades.

Alin sa scalp, day at swing ang best?


Hindi nakarely sa kanila ang trade mo.

They are just timeframes kung saan yung RUTH strategy ko ay nagpakita ng buy at sell signal.

There could be a buy on a 5 minute timeframe at walang buy sa 15 minute na timeframe.

There could be a buy sa day na timeframe at walang buy sa 5 minute na timeframe.

That is how you should approach trading.

Mga small concepts pa lang yan and you will learn a lot more sa TDSi.

You will trade differently and you will approach trading differently once TDSi ka.

Come and join us.

Be a TDSi!

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