TD Bear

Madaling inavigate ang Bull Market.

Bear Market is a different story.

To help you navigate the Bear Market ay may ginawa kaming course.

Sa July 30 ay may Event kami na gagawin called TD BEAR.


Ang TD BEAR ay workshop/course kung saan we will guide you how to deal with bear market lalo na parating ang Ghost Month.

If umattend ka ng IDYOTT 4 ay matutuwa ka sa TD BEAR.

May bagong approach. May bagong startegy. May mga free e-books.

We are inviting you to join us on July 30.

Join here:


  • Andy Benwick

    Sana maextend naman ung window for discount to IDYOTT 4.0 attendees. One day, which ends 12MN 18 July is too short a time for those who have short of funds.

  • Kristel

    Good eve, TD. Sana meron din pong recorded ng TD bear. Super appreciated po talaga ng IDYOT 4. Thank you so much

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