Earning Millions On The First Week Of January 2023

I had a good first-week trading international markets.

Take a look at what I have earned in forex alone this week.

I withdraw 1.7 Million Pesos Gain from this week and from December earnings just to lock in profits.

The most amazing part of this week is not that I earned 7 digits but the fact that I ended this week with a new 4,000 dollars plus unrealized gain.

Bagong gain na naman. Wala pang exit ang mga hawak na position.

As I write this ay I’m trading crypto. Walang weekend sa crypto kasi 24/7 ang trading.

Was this the best 1st week of January in my trading career? Not really. When PSE was in bull market, I used to gain as much as 5 Million pesos in 3 days of trading.

If bago ka sa trading at nagtitrade ka sa PSE ay iisipin mo na parang impossible kasi ambagak niya gumalaw especially now.

Trust me, when bull market hits maraming mula cents or piso ang umaabot ng 20 pesos or more na stocks.

I could name a few. Now, STR, ECP, PXP, DAVIN/KEEPER,BRN at marami pang iba.

Those were my great trades noon.

I encouraged a lot of traders especially those na nasa Traders Den to learn forex, crypto and US Stock Market trading.

You will often hear others say na “masusunog ka sa forex” or “ubos pera mo sa crypto” and a lot of other stuff.

Well, kahit sa PSE kapag hindi tama ang approach mo sa trading ay masusunog ka din.

It’s not the market, It’s how you trade.

Bukas ang simula ng Orientation ng mga TDSi.

Ano ang TDSi?

These are traders na papasok sa forex, crypto, at US Market with our guidance.

We will mentor them.

We will teach them our ways of trading.

I have encouraged you last year na sumali just to try it.

I’m telling you now as well na you need to try it.

You need to at least try. Give yourself the chance to trade forex, crypto and US Market.

Yung turo namin ay hindi too good to be true. We approach trading differently.

Sa Pilipinas, our method is the most strict pagdating sa risk management.

Walang naiipit, nasusunog or nawawipeout sa ways namin.

You really need to try the international market.

If you are interested, come join us.

Join here:

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