When I say Evolution, I am not talking about the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

When I say evolution, I’m talking about the gradual development of something.

Back in 2019, we introduced TD Strategies.

It was so magnificent and breathtaking that most traders started using it.

TD Strategies is one of the most well-used and most talked about strategies in any trading community in the Philippines.

Its simple, its direct and it produces actual great trading results.

Three years have passed and there have been a lot of improvements made to the original TD Strategies.

We gathered data from TD Strategy users for 3 years and come up with the necessary improvements to address all the issues that they had with the strategy.

MAMA was the first TD strategy that we have studied. The main fault about MAMA lies with anticipation of the user sa mga bullish crossover and the lag that this crosses carry when compared to price action. Anticipation of bullish crossover makes a trader buy before the MACD actually cross. These leads to a lot of fake outs. Akala mo magkocross then hindi pala natuloy. Its results in bigger than anticipated monetary loss. MACD itself is a lagging indicator. This pose a huge problem when you have a stock price that moves fast or at least have a higher volatility. The moment MACD shows you a cross ay mataas na ang price at mataas na ang risk na hindi na ideal pumasok.

CALMA is using CCI on a weekly timeframe at ang problema naman sa CALMA ay minsan sobrang taas na ng price bago pa magbigay ng entry signal.

TITA is nice when used on a swing trade but gets really slow and erratic kapag ginamit sa mas faster or lower na timeframe dahil sa confirmation na kailangan from RSI.

SENYORA, FISHBALL and ALMA at iba pa ay may mga weakness din na through the help of the 3 year data and feedback ay aming nabago at mas naimproved.

We understood the problem and we came up with a solution.

We are now ready to show you the EVOLVED TD STRATEGIES.

On OCTOBER 28, 29 and 30 ay gaganapin ang EVOLUTION COURSE kung saan ay we will unveil sa aattend ang bagong TD Strategies.

This new strategies ay hindi available saan man unlike sa mga previous na courses.

This new ones will be only exclusive to those na aattend.

Now, if you have been using TD Strategies noon ay alam namin ang iniisip ninyo.

“Why should I avail this?”

Ang sagot sa tanong na yan ay improvement.

“He who stops being better stops being good.”- Oliver Cromwell

These new TD Strategies were created to be used across all markets.

Ginawa din ang mga ito na may exclusivity kasi unless may permission ka from us ay hindi mo magagamit ang indicator kasi naka invite-only so talagang yung mag aavail lang ng EVOLUTION ang pwedeng gumamit.

Mahaba ang evolution na course (3 days) kasi hindi lang mga new strategy ang laman ng course. There are a lot more. If nakatry ka na sa mga TD Courses ay alam mo na we do not make up courses for the sake of making a course. We develop great courses na more than what its worth and nagkakaroon talaga ng positive results sa trades ng mga umattend.

Join us on October 28, 29 and 30 for this historic moment.

The Evolution of TD STRATEGIES.

It took us 3 years but it is finally here and its coming out with a bang!

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