Fundamental Independence

Independence Day ng bansa natin sa June 12! We want you also to be independent mula sa ignorance about fundamental analysis basics at lahat ng mga bagay na may kinalaman sa fundamentals kaya sa June 12 ay may special course kami na gagawin which is called Fundamental Independence!

This is not your typical basic fundamental course!

We will go through basic fundamental analysis. Aside from that ay we will also go through disclosures ng PSE. We will discuss dividend trading as well as dividend investing. We will also discuss kung paano magbuy and sell as an investor with strategies. Lastly, we will discuss a chart-based fundamental analysis na bagong-bago sa Pilipinas.

Ang galing diba?

You will be paying tens of thousands of pesos sa ganitong course sa iba but we will be offering this cheap sa inyo. Wala pang isang libo which is pretty much an afternoon stay lang sa starbucks.

This course will happen on June 12 since holiday yun.

May isang catch nga lang. We will only offer this course for 48 hours. If hindi ka naka avail then we are truly sorry kasi wala na talagang extension.

Para lang ito sa mga interested talaga at opportunity grabber.

We hope you avail this one kasi you might miss out on something special.

 Avail it here:

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