Housewives And Mom Traders!

Being a housewife and a mother is a noble yet difficult job.

You are incharge of almost everything that keeps your family together.

Before we proceed with this blog ay nais ko munang panoorin ninyo ito.

Those were TDS graduates. They are full-time mom and housewives.

Aside sa work nila as a mother and a wife ay nalearn nila paano magtrade through TDS which can give them extra source of income sa side.

Sa PSE market sila nagtitrade and that is very challenging kasi ang PSE ay bukas lamang on a certain time sa loob ng isang araw.

PSE is open at 9:30 until 3 PM from Monday to Friday except on holidays.

Ikaw talaga ang susunod sa oras ng PSE.

TDSi offers a better option pagdating sa oras. You will learn how to trade US Market, Crypto and Forex kapag TDSi ka na.

Forex market is 24/7 mula lunes hanggang Friday. Crypto market is open 24/7 daily. US Stock Market is open 9:30 PM to 4 AM sa Pilipinas.

Yung ganitong schedule will give you a relaxed time to be a full-time mother and wife and also a full-time trader on your desired or free schedule.

Come join us. Be a TDSi now!


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