If you have read any of the I DARE YOU TO TRADE books ay alam mo ang standard at level ng mga yun pagdating sa Technical Analysis.

The last book was IDYOTT 3. That was all about price action.

It was an amazing book.

IDYOTT 2 was made dahil better version siya ng IDYOTT.

IDYOTT 3 was made dahil better version siya ng IDYOTT 3.

Now, may parating….


It’s coming to you as a live zoom course.

Better version ba ng IDYOTT 3 ito? Yes, but we do not want to just settle for it to be called a better version ng IDYOTT 3.

IDYOTT 4 is on another level. It’s an actual edge over others kasi ang makukuha mo dito ay di alam or di accessible sa karamihan.

It will be a live course through zoom kaya may Q and A.

There is a recorded version sa di makakaattend ng live na ipapadala sa inyo after the live session.

May bagong ideas. May bagong approach. May bagong strategies.

Kung gusto mo ang totoong edge sa iba through price action….

IDYOTT 4 will blow your mind!

Avail it here (LIMITED SLOTS ONLY):

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