Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan

Plan your trade and trade your plan.

Have you heard about that phrase?

I heard that phrase when I was a newbie.

It highlights the importance of good planning.

Few years later I found out through experience that no matter how good or great your plan is pagdating sa trading ay walang pakialam si market.

“I enter here, if magtuloy ang move ay eexit ako kapag nabreak ito, kapag di umayon ang move ay magkacut ako dito.”

Then boom!

Market went up 50 pips in 30 seconds and went down 55 pips in another 30 seconds.

And you are left shocked…

“What the heck is happening? This is not what I have planned for??”

May maganda ka na plano bago ka pumasok ng trade.

“I will buy this crypto coin, set up ko stops ko dito and take profit ako dito.”

The moment you enter ay biglang boom…boom…boom!

Price went up 10 percent then another 5 percent then went down 20 percent. It all happened within 3 minutes.

Now, you find yourself averageing down on that coin. A move na di mo naman pinlano.

“What?Why am I?Wuuuuuut? What am I doing?”

May nawatchlist ka na stock.

Feel na feel mo na aakyat talaga ang stock na ito. May good news. may good earnings. Bullish na bullish ang indicators mo.

Bumili ka.

Umangat ng 3 percent. Nagclose. The next day umangat ulit ng 4 percent. Nagclose.

The third day umangat ng 2 percent. Nagtimpla ka ng kape. Pagbalik mo down na by 15% ang stock mo.

Mahihit na ang stopploss mo.

Inatras mo ang stoploss mo. Bumagsak pa more ang stock. Inatras mo pa ulit ang stoploss mo.

Next thing you know ay down na port mo by 25%.

You just sit there with a blank confused face.

“Plan your trade and trade your plan.”

That is your plan. A plan that market do not abide in or even care.

You can plan all you want but market will still do what it wants to do.

Ano ngayon ang kailangan mong gawin to ensure a great outcome sa bawat trade?

Manage your trades!

Don’t just plan your trade, manage it.

Dito papasok ang isang pinakaimportanting tool sa trading.


The market can do whatever ang gusto niya. Up hard man yan or down hard.

Kapag alam mo ang trade management ay wala kang magiging problema kasi anuman ang gawin ni market ay mamamanage mo ang trades mo.

Trade Management is key sa successful trading!

Come and join us sa Trade Management Bootcamp!

Trading will never be the same after mo umattend dito.

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