Shake You to the Core

When I started teching proper Technical Analysis, andaming paniniwala noon ang nabago. Mula sa idea ng RSI papuntang VWAP at iba pa.

I introduced the idea of understanding an indicator and its principles and not just treat them as bolang crystal.

Bago ako magsimula magturo ay puro simple at exponential moving average lang ang ginagamit ng traders tapos nagpapalit palit lang sila ng timeframe kasi yan lang ang nakikita nila na gamit din ng iba. I introduced ALMA and everybody fell inlove with it.

I want you to read this next few sentences slowly.

I am about to do something that has never been done sa trading community dito sa Pilipinas.

I will introduce ideas and strategies that will leave you all shaken to the core.

You are like a larva while others are like pupa.

I will turn you into beautiful butterflies.

To do that, I will need to break all the past beliefs you have about Technical Analysis again.

But this time I won’t do it with a book. Noo…

A book is too sweet and too cute for you.

You deserve a stronger dose of enlightenment!

I will do it through a course and this course is not just an ordinary course.

This will be the I DARE YOU TO TRADE 4 course.

This is not an invitation…oh no!

This is a warning!

You do not need to attend IDYOTT 4 course!

This is not a need to…This is a must!

You must attend this course or be a victim of those who did!

We will destroy your TA world on July 16-17, 2022, and from those ashes and rubbles, we will build a new and stronger one!

Avail it here now or forever regret this moment.

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