SPNEC SRO (What Happened To The Price Of Other Stocks That Made An SRO In The Past?)

As added information from my previous blog about SPNEC. Lets try to compare it sa ibang nag SRO.

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PHES had a 1:1 SRO ratio.

The SRO was available to all shareholders of record on December 2 (with the Ex-Date of November 26); the offer period will run from December 6 to December 13, with the eventual listing on December 24. 




SRO price is 5.50 pesos plus a bonus detachable warrant (TECHW)

For every one and sixty-eight hundredths (1.68) common shares held, the investor will be
entitled to one (1) Entitlement Right. Correspondingly, for every one (1) Entitlement Right subscribed to,
the investor will be issued one (1) Bonus Detachable Warrant with one (1) underlying common share of
TECH to be issued upon exercise of the Bonus Detachable Warrant.

Aug 16, 2021 was the listing day.



IPO price price in 2016 was 10.75 pesos.

SRO price in 2020 is 1.54 pesos.

Current price is 0.70 cents.


SRO price is 2.37 pesos.

Current price is 8.68 pesos.


Well, mas marami ang bumabagsak na price after SRO compared sa umaakyat. Fact yan. We cannot argue that. May umangat din which was ACEN. Overall, lamang ang bumagsak.

Fact din na walang nakakapredict ng future kaya no one can say for 100 percent certainty sa mangyayare sa SPNEC. Lahat ng sinasabe nino man ay guesses at opinion lang.

I would like to take this words from Esquire Magazine pagdating sa SRO.

“Do not subscribe to rights offers for the sake of buying the stock at a discount.

No matter how large the discount is, if the stock has poor fundamentals, the share price will always fall, and even lower than the discounted price.

Normally, the reason why a company conducts a rights offer is to raise funds for expansion. When a company spends capital expenditure, it means that it is investing in the future, which adds value to the stock.

But there are companies that raise funds from shareholders in order to pay existing debts, or finance losing a venture. Paying existing loans by raising money from shareholders does not add value for the business.

The sales generated by the business would still be the same, with only savings from the interest expense as the only benefit”


If investor ka then I think yung pagbaba ng price temporarily ay hindi ganun kaimportante compared sa future growth ng SPNEC.

If trader ka, you would not risk getting dilluted or bumagsak ang price kasi loss yun for you since you are in it sa profit at hindi sa growth ng company.

This will all boil down to anong approach meron ka pagdating sa SPNEC.

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