Withdraw Profit Or Compound It?

Withdraw profits or compound it?

I think that is an important question.

Parang battle between palakihin ang account or ilock in ang kinita.

I made 2.5 million last week.

I’m locking it in. Slowly withdraw it to my account.

Heto ang unang batch.

300,000 Pesos plus.

I know some people believe they can compound their profit over and over and over again but I have been trading for a while na alam ko yung negative side sa pagcocompound ng pera sa account mo.

It creates a false sense of confidence. Nagdadala yan ng Superman/Superwoman effect.

I need to reset my psych plus masarap din maglock in ng Millions mula sa trades mo.

Today I have a 40,000 pesos realized gain mula sa day trades at may 400,000 pesos unrealized gain na naman sa account.

Sa weekend if gain pa rin yan ay ilolock in ko din at iwiwithdraw.

If you are interested how we trade the way we trade ay may dalawang paraan ka na pwedeng gawin.

You can avail of our newest book this 2023. This is still being sold at a discount kaya I suggest you avail it kasi mura pa nito ngayon.

These two books are a must-have if trader ka na nagtitrade ng stocks, forex or crypto.

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Yung next na way ay sumali ka sa TDSI batch 2. Hindi pa open sa ngayon ang admission but by February 14 ay magbubukas na ito and we will start accepting students.

Abangan mo sa February 14 and avail mo ang discounted price sa first 24 hours ng offer. Mabilis lang din maubos ang slot so avail it as soon as nag open ito.

Yung trading ay parang negosyo na lahat ng tools na gamit or binibili mo ay macoconsider mo as capital mo.

You buy books, courses, webinars, etc. to further enhance your knowledge at skills which babalik din naman sayo sa form ng profit kung umayos ang trades mo.

If you invest in stocks, real estate and another business ay dapat invest ka din sa sarili mo as a trader.

Those who do often find themselves in a better position to succeed than those who don’t.

Hindi naman accident ang success sa trading. Bunga yan ng tiyaga, effort at continuous learning/experience.

May you succeed in trading. May our books and mentorship be your tool for your success!

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